We are thrilled that everyone that uses Naturally Infused products 

knows they are getting an authentic, all natural, non toxic, 

handcrafted products created with love by

Colleen Dougan          &              Kristen Dube

Colleen Dougan is a wife, mother and registered nurse. She was born in Oshawa, Ontario, but resides with her family in Harrow Ontario now. She fell in love with essential oils in 2017 and has sought ways to change her families lifestyle from using chemicals in their home and personal daily care to natural methods. 

Kristen Dube is a wife, mother and certified aromatherapist. She was born in Maidstone, Ontario, but resides with her family in South Windsor Ontario now. Her love of essential oils and natural living started in 1998. In that quest, they have learned to make there own products and would love to share there expertise with you!

Before we created Naturally Infused 2, we were 2 moms buying all natural products for our families but noticed that some of the prices were outrageous! Neither one of us could afford to keep up, so we made our own. 

Healthy, non-toxic, chemical free living needed to be more reasonably priced.  We both made our own products as a hobby and decided to establish a brand of products that was all of those things.

We didn’t want you, to have to choose over a healthier alternative for a toxic cheaper product.

Our focus is to have an affordable all natural brand that creates products you can trust that are authentic, helpful and rewarding.

Our passion for all natural simple living drives us to share our beloved products.  We put our dedication and love into every single creation

We promise to use all natural and sustainable ingredients that will not compromise the quality of our products.

We listen, to understand your needs and wants and use our knowledge and experiences to handcraft you a personalized product.  We recognize the need and want for chemical free, non toxic living at a cost effective rate.

That’s why we created Naturally Infused 2.  All natural products infused with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Products that are good for you, help you, your family and the planet.

*We use all natural ingredients, organic, vegan, Sulfate -free, Paraben free, Cruelty free, silicone free, latex free, PBA free, no gmo, sustainably made, ethically sourced and local products when available.

All natural products/cosmetics are handmade by Colleen Dougan or Kristen Dube, excluding car vent diffusers and essential oils. 

*Some of our products have food safe grade food colouring or flavouring included.

If you are interested in purchasing the essential oils that we use, please use this link youngliving.com or contact us through the contact page.

Young Living Independent Distributor Members Numbers – Colleen 11397283 or Kristen 11396753